Interviews - PESCI

Interview panel and structure

Your PESCI interview panel will comprise of three people.  Either three College Fellows or two College Fellows and one who may be a health professional, a lay person or a medical practitioner. Each interview will take approximately 60-90 minutes and will include question-and-answer sections and discussions based on clinical scenarios.

The interview will assess your competency in each of the following areas, as appropriate to the proposed position:

  • medical interviewing skills
  • physical examination skills
  • clinical judgment
  • treatment/advice
  • communication skills
  • professionalism
  • procedural skills, and
  • other domains relevant to the position, eg. familiarity with relevant social and cultural issues and Australian language idioms.
City Venue Frequency Method
Brisbane, Qld ACRRM Office
410 Queen Street
Brisbane Qld 4000
Weekly Face-to-face
Video conference
Sydney, NSW NSW Rural Doctors Network
Suite 3, Level 5
241 O'Riordan Street
Mascot NSW 2020
Fortnightly Face-to-face
Adelaide, SA Aboriginal Health Council South Australia
220 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Monthly Face-to-face
Melbourne, Vic Hotel Grand Chancellor
131 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Monthly Face-to-face
Perth, WA Rural Health West
Level 2
10 Stirling Highway
Nedlands WA 6009
Monthly Face-to-face

Interviews held in person

You may sit your PESCI in person at a College-approved venue in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Adelaide.

You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements to attend the interview in person.

Interviews held via video conference

Alternatively your interview can be conducted via video conference.

You will be responsible for:

  • Arranging the interview venue and an invigilator, and advising the College of both at least one week following confirmation of your interview.

The invigilator must be present at the commencement of the interview to verify the identity of the applicant and conclusion of the interview to ensure the integrity of the assessment process is upheld.

Whygo and Regus are video conference providers who have facilities around the world and have high quality connections with the College’s facilities. Please note: venues in some countries are not accepted, due to technical connection issues eg Iran, Turkey.

You are responsible for any cost associated with the video conferencing for your panel, invigilator and applicant. Before you request a video-conference PESCI, please review the PESCI Rules and Regulations for video conference and invigilating, and supply this form with your application.

Download the VC Venues 2015 document.

Rating Status Result if connection fails Outcome
Accepted by ACRRM If connection fails resulting in the interview being cancelled the interview will be rescheduled to the next availability. 50% of interview and video conferencing fees will be credited to the applicant and the remaining 50% to be repaid by the applicant prior to scheduling of the replacement interview. The applicant is also liable for fees incurred at their end. ACRRM - Rescheduled at 50% of all costs.

Applicant – 50% of all costs including costs incurred with their nominated provider.
Accepted with conditions Previous issues experienced with this nominated provider, therefore applicants are advised to seek an alternative venue. Should the applicant proceed with the nominated provider this is at their own risk. Should connection fail the application will forfeit all fees. Loss of all fees
Declined by ACRRM Not accepted by ACRRM. Will be advised to seek an alternative venue. N/A
New Accepted by ACRRM All new providers will be considered upon successful site testing. Sites in countries with a black listing will not be accepted. Dependant on issues experienced

What's new?

ACRRM will now be publishing alerts of short notice PESCI vacancies through Facebook.

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