JFPP for community contacts

“It’s great to give something back to these passionate medical students. Being their community contact and host is rewarding and fun.”

Help us help your community

For eight weeks over three to four consecutive years you will commit to help your medical student to form strong bonds with your community. As a community contact you help a medical student experience an authentic taste of your community by organising social events and introductions on their behalf.

You can become a community contact or choose to be both a community contact and a host.

Role of a community contact

Some tasks performed by community contacts may include:

  • communicate with students prior to their annual placement to answer questions about the local area
  • identify student interests begin planning social activities for the student’s visit
  • provide arrival and departure greetings provide and/or arrange arrival and departure local transport to/from student accommodation
  • show students their medical site, and brief them about local shops, services, opening hours etc
  • Community host and studentsprovide banking/ATM options
  • advise students of local transport options
  • provide local orientation and cultural awareness information
  • invite students to social activities
  • introduce and show students around the community, and
  • maintain communication and support with students throughout their placement.


Community contacts are paid an honorarium of $175 per week. This is an automated payment and will be paid post-placement.

Community contacts and hosts handbook2 young women walking on beach

The Community Contact and Host handbook contains all the information you need to know about hosting a JFPP medical student. 

Download the handbook here. Once you're finished reading it, if you still have questions, please contact us. We're here to help.