Helping you on your way

Planning your placement

It is important to start planning your placement well in advance and consider the types of clinical and social activities you would like to experience.  We encourage you to use the Placement Planning Guide to assist with this planning process.

Placement Planning Guide

Travel requests

Our online JFPP placement and travel form makes requesting your placement arrangements easy. Don’t forget you need to complete this form at least six weeks before your placement date, and each placement must be at least 14 nights.

Expense claims

There are some out of pocket expenses you may be entitled to claim reimbursement for. Check the Student Handbook for details on eligible items. To make a claim, complete our online Expense Claim form.


Indemnity insurance

Indemnity insurance protects you against liability claims. It is a mandatory requirement of participation in the program.

You can obtain cover from any of the following Medical Defence Organisations (MDOs):

The above companies have indicated to ACRRM that they are willing to provide free of charge indemnity insurance for students. Please note that this is not an exclusive list or an endorsement of the company products or services.

You must provide a copy of your policy to the JFPP team before you can go on placement and also take a copy with you on placement. This is now a requirement that is part of your Travel Request Form.

Travel insurance

It is recommended that students consider arranging travel and health insurance to cover their placement period. ACRRM’s travel management agency, Corporate Travel Management (CTM) can provide you with quotes and arrange insurance for you at the time of booking your travel, if required. You will need to contact them directly to arrange payment.


Once you complete your placement, you are required to submit a Placement Report either via email or online.

Participants are also required to complete an Online Evaluation. Once a participant has completed all of their placements, they are also required to complete an Exit Survey.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the JFPP Team on 1800 231 231 or via