Activities and resources

You will be granted access to a range of useful resources through the College, your training organisations and your teaching post. Depending on what training pathway you chose, you will be able to access some, or all, of our helpful resources including:


As a registrar in a rural and remote community online learning will be important to your ongoing professional development. Online learning means you will be able to remain in your community and continue to support your patients' needs. You can participate in a range of online learning modules as part of your training towards Fellowship.

You are required to complete a minimum of four modules as part of your training, but we like to think you will enjoy the modules so much that you’ll complete them all and supplement your learning.

Available online learning includes:

Face to face

Your training provider will offer face-to-face workshops which are likely to be most frequent during your first year or Primary Rural and Remote Training. For more information about face-to-face learning requirements you will need to contact your training provider directly.

You will also need to attend a minimum of two face-to-face emergency medicine workshops during your training. 

ACRRM emergency medicine workshops available are:


The College provides a range of learning and support sessions using virtual technology, these include:

  • Assessment study groups
  • Social media groups
  • Registrar information and orientation session, and
  • StAMPS mock exam.

Reading materials

We've compiled a list of useful online and downloadable reading materials and documents for you to reference throughout your training towards Fellowship.

You are also encouraged to share useful resources with one another via our Facebook groups.