Structured Assessment using Multiple Patient Scenarios

The Structured Assessment Using Multiple Patient Scenarios (StAMPS) is a unique examination which blends the formats of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and a traditional viva vocè examination.

StAMPS scenarios are designed to reflect real life situations where clinical management must often proceed prior to a definitive diagnosis being made.

StAMPS is designed to test your performance across the primary curriculum with consideration of the seven domains of practice.  It assesses that you can demonstrate what is considered to be safe practice without any supervision. StAMPS is delivered as follows:

  • Eight stations or scenarios are delivered by eight examiners with each examiner delivering one scenario
  • Registrars receive written information about every scenario 10 minutes pre-exam
  • You are provided reading time and can make notes, and
  • You have five minutes between scenarios to consider the material for the next scenario and make notes.

You will be given the option to undertake StAMPS via video conferencing from your own community or face to face at a venue arranged by the College. See list of StAMPS venues used previously for video conferencing.

A number of Advanced Specialised Training curricula are also assessed using StAMPS.

Assessment key resources

Study groups

StAMPS study groups are held for both the Primary Curriculum and AST EM StAMPS exam. These study groups are held via online virtual classrooms, facilitated by experienced Medical Educators and run for 8 weeks leading up to the exam. Registrars need to enrol at the same time as they enrol in the exam for the study groups.

StAMPS mock exams

Mock exams allow registrars to practice StAMPS exam questions under exam conditions. The StAMPS mock exam is delivered by StAMPS examiners. Candidates undertake StAMPS scenarios in exam conditions and are provided with feedback both face to face on the day, and following on from the exam, in writing. The mock exam is helpful for candidates preparing for primary curriculum and AST curricula StAMPS.