Advanced Specialised Training Projects

Projects are a substantial piece of original work undertaken as the summative assessment for AST in Academic Practice, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Population Health, or Remote Medicine.

Your options for projects depend on the AST curriculum but may include projects such as:

  • development of a practical resource
  • a local disease prevention or health promotion project
  • a research project

You are required to submit a piece of written work of approximately 4000–5000 words in length at an academic standard at near Masters Level.

You are strongly encouraged to share your project through:

  • publication in a peer-reviewed journal
  • presentation in the workplace or training organisation as appropriate, or
  • oral presentation or poster at a conference


You will be eligible to undertake the project while completing the 12 months Advanced Specialised Training.

You can remain in a post accredited for Primary Rural and Remote Training if it also meets the criteria for the specific AST, e.g. if doing Remote Medicine,  the post must be in a remote location.

If you are undertaking AST in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, you must ensure the post holds AST accreditation.

Preparing for a project

You must have an Academic Supervisor to provide support and guidance in completing the project. Your local rural clinical school or training organisation may be able to assist in identifying a suitable supervisor.

If you are on the AGPT program, you may apply for an Academic post which provides financial and other support while undertaking research.

Projects require ethics approval. You must seek approval from the appropriate local ethics committee.

The College offers you the following support for undertaking projects:

  • Providing feedback on the project proposal
  • Assistance with finding an Academic Supervisor
  • Facilitating peer support through linking you with others completing a project

Key resources for projects

Key dates for projects

You enrol in the project at the beginning of the AST and aim to complete the project by the end of 12 months.