About the College

'I joined the College because it offers wonderful training and education activities, plus SUPPORT.' - Member

It’s amazing how often life presents you with a choice.  The choice between the easy path and the more rewarding path less travelled.  If you’re considering our College, then you know it’s the choice you make at these crossroads that will dictate how successful you become and the legacy you leave behind. 

That’s why we don’t hide the fact that our path is the one less travelled…the one that needs your absolute commitment. Yes, we’re flexible, but we also offer programs, pathways and curriculum that will test your knowledge and skills more than any other in order to make you the best rural doctor you can be...and the reward of taking our path ‘less travelled’ is that feeling that you haven’t sold yourself short.

You'll know that you have what it takes when you’re far from the security blanket of a hospital referral. When your patients see your Fellowship (FACRRM) certificate, pride of place on your wall, they know they will be cared for by a rural generalist who is the best they can be.

Whether you simply become a member of the College or you’re considering starting one of our  pathways to becoming a Fellow with us, we promise you will always have access to:

  • better training
  • better opportunities
  • infinite flexibility and support
  • global recognition, and
  • the opportunity to choose your own adventure.

Hard work has got you this far, so finish what you started with us.