Registrar committee

The ACRRM Registrar Committee provides an avenue for the registrar population to engage in direct communication and provide feedback, suggestions and advice to the College. The Committee involves representatives from all pathways and training levels across Australia.

We have a great team of ACRRM trainees and recent Fellows on the Registrar Committee. We are able to discuss the current issues, create formal feedback to the College and represent you on a local or national level. We also represent you with external stakeholders such as GPRA and AMACDT.

The current ACRRM Registrar Committee consists of:

Dr Sally Banfield (Director)

Dr Sally Banfield is an ACRRM trainee with NTGPE in Central Australia, and is likely to complete vocational training in 2016 with an AST in remote medicine. She is originally from rural WA and moved to Central Australia for internship five years ago. With a passion for rural generalism and Indigenous health, ACRRM training is a highly relevant pathway that has brought incredible opportunities.

Sally has a history of being involved in both medical education and advocacy at both local and national levels. She is passionate about providing all patients, in particular those rural and remote, a quality health care supported by a proficient and responsive workforce. There are many opportunities and challenges ahead for the profession and registrar training moving forward. Strong registrar involvement and representation is crucial in this process. Please email at with any feedback, suggestions or if you would like to get more involved.

Dr Michelle Hannan (Chair)

I'm currently a dual ACRRM and ACEM registrar working with the RFDS in Broken Hill. I’m aiming to finish my FACRRM in the next 12 months with an AST in EM.

I am the registrar representative on the Assessment Committee and the Vocational Training Committee. I am also a board member of the Rural Doctors Association of Tasmania.

I grew up in Goondiwindi in Queensland, first on a farm and later in town. I did medicine through UNSW in Sydney and was able to spend the last 3 years of the degree at the Rural Clinical School in Wagga Wagga with a group of friends who had all also chosen to go. Most of us stayed on for internship and residency there and I was also able to start a masters in viticulture and winemaking.

I moved to Tasmania 5 years ago and bought a farm & vineyard. I have been doing a mix of full time and part time work doing both GP and emergency, fitting life in around running the farm and making wine.

I'm interested in increasing the profile of the FACRRM in Tasmania, pushing for the development of a true Rural Generalist Pathway in Tasmania with suitable employment options for fellows, and increasing the support available to ACRRM registrars in areas where the College is less well known.

Dr John Van Bockxmeer

John van Bockxmeer is an ACRRM registrar completing an AST in EM in Hedland Health Campus in the Pilbara. John was recently named the HESTA national ‘Primary Health Leader of the Year’ and has an interest in emergency, tropical medicine and preventative health. John grew up in Perth and completed student rotations in Busselton and Geraldton with professional rotations and study in Port Hedland, Broome, Derby, Townsville and Perth. In 2012 John completed a disaster management internship with WHO in Washington DC, volunteered in the emergency department in Timor Leste and worked as an ‘A&E’ registrar in central London. Inspired by the rural and indigenous health inequality he witnessed in the Pilbara John founded and actively leads a not-for-profit organisation called ‘Fair Game’ which inspires healthy communities through recycled sports equipment. John hopes to stay working in the Pilbara region after becoming an ACRRM fellow.

Dr Paul Butel

I am an ACRRM IP Registrar with a strong interest in retrieval medicine, particularly long duration sorties. I have attempted to do the IP training program in reverse order; ED first, Primary care second. I love to swim against the tide I guess. I work currently for RFDS QLD in Mt Isa as a Medical Officer, and as an SMO in Emergency Medicine at Logan Hospital Brisbane. I love the balance. I have worked in many settings in NSW/QLD and NZ, mainly in ED/Retrieval/Critical Care settings. I keep find my way back to the bush settings somehow. I really enjoy the people – patient factor which is one of the profound things about country people. It is that wide range of different people with varied interests and practices, that I find an attractive strength of the ACRRM Registrar group.

Dr James Chenoweth

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Dr Lillian Daniels

Dr Lillian Daniels is an ACRRM IP trainee doing her rural remote training in Manjimup WA. She hopes to complete training in 2017 with an AST in Adult Internal Medicine. She's currently working at Manjimup Medical Centre where she spends time as GP trainee/VMO at the local hospital. Lillian is absolutely loving rural medicine and feels privileged to work in an area she is passionate about. Other interests in Medicine include Adult Internal Medicine where much of her experience was obtained as medical registrar for 5 yrs. Of the sub-specialities, Lillian enjoys Oncology, haematology, geriatric medicine and general medicine. She also enjoys paediatrics and has recently completed 5 mo as paediatric RMO.

Dr Rebecca Deveraux

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Dr Vimbai Kapuya

Dr Vimbai Kapuya is an ACRRM registrar with NTGPE in Katherine, Northern Territory. She will be completing her vocational training in 2016. Vimbai did her medical degree in South Africa before moving to Australia. She also holds a diploma in Child Health and completed her AST in paediatrics. She is committed to registrar education and used to run neonatal resuscitation courses at Katherine Hospital where she did most of her general practice training. Besides being on the ACRRM registrar committee, Vimbai is also a registrar liaison officer with NTGPE where she chairs the Registrar Advisory Committee.

Dr Michael McLaughlin

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Dr Lyndal Phelps

I'm currently an ACRRM registrar working in Stanthorpe, QLD, under GPTQ. I have completed an AST in obstetrics and hold DRANZCOG Adv. I have a keen interest in gestational diabetes and obesity, which is prominent working in a rural centre.

I completed my medical degree through Griffith University on the Gold Coast, however only two of the four years were on campus. For third year I was one of the pilot Longlook students, through QRME, placed at Stanthorpe Hospital and forth year was located in Goondiwindi.

I grew up in a small town and so the transition to living in Stanthorpe for a year was simple. Not only did I fall in love with the town, but I also met my now Husband. For my training years, we moved to Toowoomba, a lovely regional hospital and also easy driving distance back to our cattle property in Stanthorpe. Now that we have moved back to Stanthorpe, I will be completing my training over the coming years, working part-time, as we have recently had our first child. Meeting a local has made my integration into the town much easier and also I have come to learn farm talk, which comes in handy on a daily basis.

Dr James Ricciardone

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