Staff directory

College services

Position Name Email
CEO Marita Cowie
Executive Assistant Juleen Schneider
Senior Policy and Development Officer Jenny Johnson
Policy Consultation Mary Jane Streeton
Reception Erica Krieger

Programs and operations

Position Name Email
Membership Coordinator Fiona O'Connor f.o'
Membership Officer Christopher Gegg

Student programs

Position Name Email
Coordinator - Student Programs Sean Hipkins
Student Programs Officer Nathalie Gochel
Student Programs Officer Sean Baird
Student Programs Officer Evelyn Eteuati

Training and assessment

Position Name Email
Training and Assessment Manager Lynn Saul
VT Coordinator Nicole Lind
VT Officer Sam Gillan
VT Officer Trish Johnston
VT Officer Luke Edgar
Assessment Coordinator Theresa Waye
Assessment Officer Sarah Dunne
Assessment Officer Leanne Emery
Medical Educator Dr Christian Rowan
Principal Examiner Dr Christina Carroll
Principal Examiner Dr Jenny Allen  
Principal Examiner Dr Peter Arvier  
Principal Examiner Professor Steve Margolis  
Team Administrator Liz Hamilton-Smith

Fellowship services

Position Name Email
Events and Course Coordinator Maggie Bryan
Course Coordinator Rebecca Guthrie
Course Officer Amanda Ellevsen
Course Officer Chantel Lyons
Course Officer Tiphani Colls
Senior Professional Development Program Officer Leisa Ryan
Professional Development Program Officer Angela Barrable
Senior Grants and Program Officer Maria Trueman
 Administration Officer
Shayna Shandil


Position Name Email
Conference Coordinator Lyssa Borham
Communications Officer Mersija Mujic
Sponsorship Officer Raye Picoto
Media Officer Jane Hammond

Standards and recognition

Position Name Email
Censor in Chief Dr David Campbell
Director Education Dr Sandra Mendel

Corporate services and support

Position Name Email
Director Darryl Perkins
Business Analyst Lisa Guiney
Business Analyst Sue Ashworth
Technical Analyst Simon Haidley
Systems Analyst Peter Campbell


Position Name Email
Finance Manager Karyn Gregory
Assistant Accountant Karen Irving
Accounts Payable / Receivable Estelle Jacobs

Online services

Position Name Email
Online Services Manager Lex Lucas
Coordinator Marnie Du Rietz
Web Publisher Gavin Long
Web Publisher Sean Hassleback
Web Publisher Steven Lynagh
Programmer David Warring  
Clinical Guidelines Officer Heather Allwood


Position Name Email
Operations Coordinator Maxine Crowley
Program Administrator Jo To-A
Program Administrator Tracey Fitzpatrick
Program Administrator Tee Teo
Program Administrator Kay Sherlock
Medical Educator Dr John Togno  

Policy and strategic projects

Position Name Email
Director Strategic Development Vicki Sheedy
eHealth Coordinator
Jane Connolly
Administration Assistant Denise O'Sullivan d.o'