Process - Specialist pathway

If you are interested in entering into the Specialist pathway, the College's codified list of recognised qualifications is a guide to determine an IMG's initial eligibility to be assessed for substantial or partial comparability.  

The College's IMG assessment process evaluates your training, qualifications and experience for comparability with an Australian trained specialist. There are two components associated with the specialist pathway for general practice assessment, they are:

  • concurrent assessment for specialist recognition, to enable you to be registered and practice as a specialist, and
  • for an Area of Need position, to assess your suitability for a specific position, and which does not of itself, lead to recognition as specialist in Australia.


When applying for assessment with ACRRM you need to concurrently apply for Primary Source Verification from the Australian Medical Council as you will be required to supply ACRRM with the EICS number.

You should refer to the AMC website for information on how to apply for primary source verification.

Steps involved

This Specialist pathway process flow chart outlines the steps involved in progressing through the College's Specialist pathway.

Information requirements

AMC requirements

For details on how to apply for Primary Source Verification visit the AMC website

College requirements

You must supply the College with a copy of all of the required documentation.