Membership types

There’s two types of membership of the College:

  • ordinary membership, or
  • associate membership.

You can become a member today and access the many benefits associated with joining our club.

Ordinary MembershipFee
Full Time
You are a practitioner or academic working more than 20 hours per week
Annual Rate: 1190.00
Group Practice
You work in a practice with at least two other practitioner members of ACRRM * Please contact ACRRM directly to apply for Group Practice Membership
Annual Rate: 1090.00
Joint (Couples)
You and your partner are both currently full-time practitioners. Price per person
Annual Rate: 935.00
Part Time
You are a practitioner or academic who averages less than 20 hours paid work per week
Annual Rate: 720.00
You are a practitioner registered with AHPRA living or working outside Australia
Annual Rate: 470.00
IMG Specialist Pathway
You are an International Medical Graduate on the ACRRM Specialist Pathway
Annual Rate: 410.00
You must be enrolled in vocational training with ACRRM (IP, RVTS, or AGPT) to be eligible for this membership type
Annual Rate: 410.00
Extended Leave
You are taking extended leave (e.g. maternity, study), intending to return to practice eventually
Annual Rate: 165.00
You have retired from medical practice but maintain a keen interest in rural medical issues
Annual Rate: 115.00
Resident or Intern
You are currently employed as a junior, principal, or senior health officer working in a hospital environment
Annual Rate: 65.00


Associate MembershipFee
IMG Associate
You are an unregistered overseas trained doctor (OTD) seeking to obtain registration in Australia and keen to learn more about and be connected to Rural and Remote practice.
Annual Rate: 180.00
Health Professional
You are an allied health professional/administrator (e.g. nurse, practice manager, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner)
Annual Rate: 135.00
You are enrolled in an Australian accredited undergraduate or graduate course in medicine or health. Once only fee for the duration of your studies.
One off rate for the duration of your medical degree: 30.00

(Pro-rata rates do not apply for this membership category)