JFPP for hosts


host serving guests dinnerHost families provide accommodation and meals for JFPP students and are not expected to fulfil the social role (unless also acting as the Community Contact). Your student will stay with you for eight weeks, over three to four consecutive years as they complete their JFPP commitment. A welcoming and happy host accommodation experience enriches students’ understanding of rural life and provides a true sense of belonging to the community.

Role of a host

Host accommodation requirements may include:

  • a warm welcome into your home
  • willingness to answer questions and provide support and assistance
  • a clean private bedroom with bed, linen, clothes storage, adequate lighting and ventilation, and if available a desk, chair and lamp
  • access to a clean bathroom
  • access to a washing machine, iron, and clothes line or dryer
  • use of house keys for day and night access
  • heater and fan, as required
  • some kitchen and refrigerator space for food storage
  • provision of basic breakfast (self-service) and dinner, when students have advised that they will be home, and
  • liaison with the community contact to ensure student access to accommodation on arrival.


Host families are paid an honorarium of $100 per week by the JFPP. This is an automated payment and will be paid post-placement.

When staying in host accommodation JFPP students are also required to pay the host a further $100 per week, in advance, as a contribution towards food.  

Community contacts and hosts handbook

The Community Contact and Host handbook contains all the information you need to know about hosting a JFPP medical student.

Download the handbook here. Once you're finished reading it, if you still have questions, please contact us. We're here to help.