About being a mentor

Being a mentor for the John Flynn Placement Program is unique. Your role is integral to ensuring your visiting John Flynn medical student develops a bond with the people of your community.

More details regarding the requirements of a mentor’s role are outlined below and in our Mentor Handbook.

  • Placement requirements [more]
    • your student will be required to complete four annual placements of two weeks duration in your community (this can be changed to eight weeks of placements over a three year period, if agreed by yourself)
    • they must stay a minimum of 14 nights in their placement community
    • they must live in the placement community, unless local accommodation is unavailable, and
    • students will be required to complete eight weeks of placements before the February following their final academic year.
  • Student placement [more]
    • mentors, hosts and community contacts receive a welcome pack including handbook and support material
    • your student will make initial contact with you, their host and community contact to begin the placement planning process
    • for the second and subsequent placements, your student is required to make timely contact with you and the community contact, to arrange mutually suitable placement dates. Travel and accommodation will be coordinated by the JFPP team, and
    • in the event that you are unable to complete eight placement weeks with your student we ask that you contact the JFPP team at the earliest possible time, to discuss alternative arrangements for your student's placement.
  • Unique placement features [more]
    • responsibility is shared between you and a community contact, who supports the student socially and culturally during placements
    • generally your student will spend weekdays in the clinical setting and weekends enjoying social activities in the wider community
    • arrangements are flexible and responsive to local factors
    • your student does not need to spend their entire clinical placement time with you
    • your student can go out to the local ambulance station, hospital, rest home or other local medical settings, and
    • in the event that a community contact and/or accommodation is/are not available in a placement location, you may accept additional roles and payments as a community contact and/or host (contact the JFPP team for further details).
  • Insurance [more]
    • students are responsible for making their own insurance and indemnity arrangements, and
    • you are welcome to ask students to provide a copy of a current indemnity insurance cover note.