Other rural/remote scholarships

There's a range of other rural and remote scholarships available to medical students. You will find details of those that we think might be useful for you below.


The Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme (RAMUS) is one of a number of Commonwealth Government initiatives to increase the number of students with a rural background who enter and complete their study of medicine. These scholarships provide rural students with financial assistance to meet the costs associated with moving away from their home to undertake their studies. The National Rural Health Alliance  administers the RAMUS Scheme on behalf of the Commonwealth Government.

NSW Rural Doctors Network scholarships database

You can search the site for scholarships which may help you get into university or make it easier for you to stay there. When it comes time to get some practical experience and you want to go bush, you will be able to search for grants to help you do so.

If you are planning to study at a university in NSW or the ACT (or are already there), then browse through the data from various universities, organisations and government departments that promote rural health. There are links to all universities offering health courses and to the agencies administering scholarships. 

The Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship

The Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship scheme is funded by Australian Government Department of Health. The Scheme was established in recognition of Dr Arnold ‘Puggy’ Hunter's significant contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and his role as Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO).

The aim of the scheme is to encourage and assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students in health-related disciplines to complete their studies and join the health workforce.

Indigenous Peoples' Medical Scholarship

Applicants for this scholarship must be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. For the purposes of this scholarship, an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is someone who is of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, or who identifies as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and is accepted as such by the community in which he or she lives or has lived. Applicants will be asked to provide a letter from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community organisation supporting their claim. Please note that it is the responsibility of applicants to seek advice from Centrelink on how the scholarship payment may affect ABSTUDY or any other government payment.

National Rural Health Students Network scholarships list

For a further list of scholarships available to health students, visit the National Rural Health Students Network (NRHSN) website scholarships page.