Rural generalist programs

We established the College to provide general practitioners with the broad range of expertise and experience they need to work competently and confidently anywhere in the world without supervision. We are proud to say that the rural generalist concept is now established and formally accepted throughout Australia.

Athlete on stretcher getting treatmentRural generalist medicine incorporates the skills typically associated with urban general practice clinics but extends to include advanced skills and a broader scope of practice to optimally prepare doctors for work in the diverse settings and roles where these extended competencies, as well as exceptional capacity for clinical courage and self-reliance are required. These include rural and remote general practice clinics, hospitals, Aboriginal Medical Services, retrieval medicine, refugee health and so on.

We believe that rural generalism requires a special type of person. It requires someone who is willing to try something different, to lead a life that is full of excitement and who is dedicated to the rural and remote community they serve.

We are proud to be the only College in Australia, and the world, that specialises in rural and remote generalism.