2018 AGPT Applications - the next step

All stages of the first intake for the 2018 AGPT application are now complete. Candidates will receive further correspondence concerning their application in the very near future. Any queries can be directed to AGPT@acrrm.org.au.

Second intake coming soon

We will be opening a second intake for the 2018 AGPT cohort on Tuesday 26 September. Applications will close Monday 9 October.

Training positions are available in the following locations:

Region ACRRM only vacancies Potential for Dual fellowship training?
Eastern Victoria 2 Yes
Western Victoria 4 Yes
Lower Eastern NSW 1 Yes
North Eastern NSW 2 Yes
Western NSW 2 Yes
North Western QLD 35 Yes
South Eastern QLD 10 Yes
Northern Territory 8 Yes
South Australia 8 Yes
Tasmania 0 Yes
Western Australia 1 Yes

*Please note that region availability may change throughout the application process

Steps for applying

When applications are open, the following steps will be required to complete the application:

Step 1 – Complete the eligibility check at www.agpt.com.au

Step 2 – Complete the written assessment, which will be accessible from this page when applications open

Step 3 – If you are assessed as eligible for the AGPT Program and suitable for selection with ACRRM, you will be invited to complete a Multi Mini Interview in the week 4 – 9 November 2017

Timeline for applications

Date Component
26 September Applications open for eligibility and ACRRM Written Submission
9 October AGPT eligibility applications close (10am AEDT)
ACRRM applications close (5pm AEST)
17 October Eligible candidates are notified of their Multi Mini Interview date and time
3-9 November MMI dates and locations to be advised. Please note, candidates will be require to attend MMIs in person
13-24 November RTOs conduct candidate interviews (where applicable)
27 November onwards Offers are made

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What if I miss out on an interview or do not get offered a place in round one of the process? [more]
    A: Additional rounds may be offered on an as needs basis.
  • Q: Can I change my RTO preferences now that I have applied? [more]
    A: You will need to contact AGPT on 1800 DR AGPT or email AGPTeligibility@health.gov.au to discuss preference changes.
  • Q: Can I transfer between RTOs during my training? [more]
    A: There is currently no option to transfer between regions once you are on your training program. For further clarification on your options, contact the RTOs involved to discuss your situation. For more information, please refer to the AGPT Policies on the AGPT website.
  • Q: How much of my training can I claim with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) on the AGPT Program? [more]
    A: Registrars can potentially claim up to 24 months RPL on the AGPT Program through their RTO. A maximum of 12 months for Primary Rural and Remote training (PRRT) can be awarded, with the remaining 12 months in Core Clinical Training or Advanced Specialised Training. Contact the ACRRM Training team for further information on 1800 223 226 or via AGPT@acrrm.org.au.
  • Q: Can I attend the interview with the RTO via facetime or webinar? [more]
    A: No - you must attend the interview in person. If you have exceptional circumstances as to why this will be impossible for you, please contact our team on 07 3105 8213 or email AGPT@acrrm.org.au immediately.
  • Q: My referee hasn’t received the email to complete or confirm their referee check. How can I get the email resent? [more]
    A: This section of the application process is handled directly by the Department of Health. Please call 1800 DR AGPT or email AGPTeligibility@health.gov.au if you need assistance.
  • Q: I missed the deadline. When can I apply for AGPT? [more]
    A: There may be a second round of applications for the 2018 intake. Please email our team on AGPT@acrrm.org.au with your details so that we can let you know if a second round is approved. If this does not occur, you will need to apply for the 2019 intake, which will open in early 2018.
  • Q: What are the College's selection criteria for the AGPT application? [more]
    1. Demonstrated commitment to a career as a specialist general practitioner working in rural or remote Australia
    2. Demonstrated capacity and motivation to acquire abilities, skills and knowledge in the ACRRM domains of practice
    3. Demonstrated connection with rural communities
    4. Demonstrated commitment to meeting the needs of rural and remote communities through an extended scope of practice
    5. Possession of the personal characteristics associated with a successful career in rural or remote practice
  • Q: My work schedule doesn't fit with the time listed for MMIs at my preferred location. Can I reschedule? [more]
    A: Please contact us on agpt@acrrm.org.au or phone 1800 223 226 to discuss your individual circumstances.
  • Q: What is the RTO candidate interview? [more]
    A: In the second intake, RTOs have the option to interview candidates after the MMI to determine their suitability for their region. This may occur if an RTO has no representation on the MMI panel.