Overview of training with the College

We’re proud to be accredited by the Australian Medical Council to set and maintain standards in the specialty of general practice. Ours is the only College in the world solely dedicated to rural and remote practice. That means you can be sure our program certifies the broad range of skills and qualifications you need to be a confident and competent rural medical practitioner.

There are three different training pathways.  Once you choose one of the three pathways that suits you best, you will then need to find out if you are eligible.  Each pathway is delivered by accredited training providers:

  1. Independent Pathway (IP)
  2. Vocational Preparation Pathway through the Australian General Practice Training Program (AGPT), or
  3. Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS).

Whilst on your chosen pathway, you can complete your training within four years. Training time may be reduced if we determine that your prior experience is equivalent to training requirements through our Recognition of Prior Learning process.

Training is structured in the following stages:

Requirement Time Location
Core Clinical Training: 1 year Training in hospital posts
Primary Rural and Remote Training: 2 years Training in rural or remote posts
Advanced Specialised Training: 1-2* years Training in an advanced skills post


To be awarded a FACRRM you would be required to successfully complete and participate in all of the following pathway and curriculum elements:

Please refer to our Fellowship Training Handbook for detailed information regarding training requirements.

And remember, the many skills and qualifications you acquire while training towards Fellowship may also help you to gain credit towards other specialist medical qualifications and university awards.

*two years for surgery AST.