Quite simply our training offers you access to better training, better opportunities, flexibility and specialist support. And the best bit? Once you are awarded Fellowship you are entitled to use the post nominal of FACRRM to showcase your specialty in general practice.

Think of a FACRRM as a stamp of approval that clearly demonstrates how you can confidently and competently work in the broadest range of locations and environments. The patients in your community will know they’re in safe hands. 

Once you're a Fellow of the College you are qualified to work:

  • independently
  • in a team (maybe in a practice, hospital, or retrieval service), or
  • as a collaborator (complementing the local region’s health service skills with your specialist skills in anaesthetics, surgery, or obstetrics).

And you’ll never be short of opportunities because recruiters frequently identify a FACRRM as a preferred qualification for a wide range of exciting jobs. In fact, in Queensland, a FACRRM is the certification of choice for 97% of rural generalists, enabling graduates to earn up to $120k more for their positions than if they held other general practitioner qualifications. Fellowship also entitles you and your patients to the maximum benefits available from Medicare’s A1 items.