Applications for the 2018 AGPT Program are now open

You've decided to be a better doctor and apply with ACRRM for the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program.

Step 1. Register for the 2018 AGPT Program

Registration open 10 April 2017 and close 8 May 2017

Step 2. Complete your 2018 AGPT application.

Applications open 10 April 2017 and close 8 May 2017

Step 3. Complete your ACRRM application.

Your ACRRM application can be submitted any time from 26 April 2017 to 10 July 2017.

"General practice has allowed me to be the kind of doctor that I want to be where I can pursue and develop my special interests. For me, this meant heading to Antarctica for Advanced Specialist Training in remote health."

"The skills and resilience I developed have given me confidence to work in a solo doctor environment, knowing I have the clinical ability to do so."

"The AGPT Program is awesome - where else do you get these kinds of opportunities?"

Kate Kloza - FACRRM

Need help with your application?

The college is presenting several free webinars for AGPT applicants.

We welcome you to attend any of the following sessions:

  • Thursday, 4 May at 8.30am for a 9am start
  • Thursday, 4 May at 6.30pm for a 7pm start
  • Thursday, 4 May at 8pm for a 8.30pm start
    Please note all times are listed in AEST

If you would like to attend one of the above sessions please register your interest by emailing us at including your full name and current location. The College will then send you the link to the session.

Are your experiencing technical difficulties?

For the AGPT website and forms, please call 1800 372 478 or email

For the ACRRM website and forms call 1800 223 226 or email

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: I am currently working as a GP overseas. I intend to move to Australia later in the year - am I eligible to apply for the 2018 AGPT Program? [more]
    A: You must be living and working in Australia to be eligible to apply to the Program. You must also be a permanent resident of Australia and hold full general registration with AHPRA.
  • Q: I want to apply for the 2018 AGPT Program. There is a chance I might be moving to another state halfway through my training. Am I able to change regions if this is to occur? [more]
    A: There is currently no option to transfer between regions once you are on your training program. For further clarification on your options, contact the RTOs involved to discuss your situation.
  • Q: How much of my training can I claim with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) on the AGPT Program? [more]
    A: Registrars can potentially claim up to 24 months RPL on the AGPT Program through their RTO. A maximum of 12 months for Primary Rural and Remote training (PRRT) can be awarded, with the remaining 12 months in Core Clinical Training or Advanced Specialised Training. Contact the ACRRM Training team for further information on 1800 223 226 or via
  • Q: Can a training post be accredited by both ACRRM and the RACGP? [more]
    A: Yes - all accreditation is facilitated by the RTO and through the respective College.
  • Q: Do I apply directly through the AGPT or ACRRM website? [more]
    A: You should start your application for the AGPT Program through the ACRRM website.
  • Q: Can I attend the interview with the RTO via facetime or webinar? [more]
    A: No - you must attend the interviews face to face.
  • Q: Does any RA2 or RA3 classification count as being rural and remote with regards to training? [more]
    A: Not necessarily - you will need to check with the RTO prior to your training if a location is eligible.
  • Q: My partner and I are both applying for AGPT this year. Can we be placed together? [more]
    A: This is possible but you should contact the RTO you are considering to discuss your situation, as they may have rules in place specific to their region.
  • Q: Can I nominate two referees from the same clinic? [more]
    A: Yes, as long as they fit the criteria. Make sure to contact them in advance so they know you are applying and are aware of their role as referee.
  • Q: Is a Fellowship with ACRRM recognised overseas? [more]
    A: FACRRMs can receive reciprocal Fellowship in Canada and New Zealand. The College is currently working on expanding its range of reciprocal arrangements.
  • Q: When do I need to have my permanent residency established to be eligible to apply for the AGPT pathway? [more]
    A: In the first instance, your permanent residency must be established by the time the AGPT application closes at 10am on Monday, 8 May. There may be the option to apply for a second intake. The Department of Health will notify potential applicants of this in August 2017. Contact details +61 2 6289 2666 or email: If a second intake is occurring, dates will be made available after 8 May.

Questions you should ask your RTO

  • Q: Can I transfer to another region to complete my Advanced Specialised Training or other components of my training?
  • Q: Can I train at the same location as my partner?
  • Q: Do I get choices of training locations?
  • Q: What do I do if the location where I would like to train is not accredited for ACRRM training?
  • Q: When do I apply for RPL? Can I do this before I commence training?