Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) acknowledges experience, training and assessment that applicants have already undertaken which may provide exemptions from training time, assessment or other components of FACRRM training listed in completion of training.

Independent pathway

Independent Pathway applicants apply for RPL prior to commencing training. You are able to apply for provisional RPL, at any time throughout the year. 

A provisional RPL outcome is a prerequisite for applying for the Independent Pathway. There will be closing dates advertised for RPL for those wanting to apply for the next IP cohort. This is usually four weeks prior to applications opening for the next intake.

All applications must be made electronically using prescribed forms and must be supported by independent, verifiable documentation relevant to each period of experience, training or assessment for which recognition is being sought. To apply you will be required to:

The Provisional RPL process provides you with an indication of what RPL you will be awarded. The RPL outcome is finalised as part of the application process.

To be eligible for the 2017B intake, applicants must have applied for provisional RPL by 23 Jan 2017.

For further information, read the Fellowship Training Handbook.


Registrars training with RVTS or an AGPT training provider, submit their application through their training provider. The training provider checks that the application is compete and has the required supporting documentation. The training provider then makes a recommendation for RPL and submits the application to the College.

For further information, read the Fellowship Training Handbook.