Logging procedures performed

As part of your training towards Fellowship, you are required to complete a procedural skills logbook.

Your primary curriculum logbook

Logging your procedures is easy to do via the electronic logbook accessible from your My College Dashboard

Your logbook is broken up into Statements, to match the College's curriculum. Under each of these statements is a preset list of procedures.

For each procedure, you are able to see the level of certification required. You can record the name of the facility at which you preformed the procedure, the name of the certifier, the date performed, and the level performed to. Many procedures will be covered during the emergency medicine courses and other simulated courses.

As of January 2017, all completed Primary Curriculum Logbooks must be lodged via your My College Dashboard. However for portability, please contact us if you would like a hard copy of your logbook, or download it here.

Your AST logbook

Advanced Specialised training in Emergency Medicine and Surgery also require procedures to be logged. Download the Emergency Medicine or Surgery logbook, or contact us if you require a hard copy logbook

Your Core Clinical Training (CCT) logbook

This logbook is to be used when using an alternative approach to meet CCT term in anaesthetics, O&G or paediatrics (see CCT policy).

A minimum of 50 cases must be logged. Download the CCT logbook.